Friday, 27 January 2017

"OMG Karan's Dog Recognize Him As Dad" Saas Bahu aur Suspense 27th January Video+Wu

Written Update

OMG OMG Yes Your reaction will be same when You watch this Video Shared By Karan Patel 

(Raman Bhalla)

His Dog Recognize him as Dad OMG watch Below 

"OMG Surbhi Jyoti'w connection with Divyanka "Saas Bahu aur Suspense 27th Jan Video+WU

Written Update

Miss mohini Segment Start with Reporter said Divyanka tripathi has new Connection with Surbhi Jyothi


"OMG Karan V Bohra Jealous From Karan Patel " IBN 7 BTDD 27th January Video+WU

Written Update

Khabri Bhabhi Segment Start with One pic Where Karan V Bohra and Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargav 

Reporter said That They are Very Good Friends

But Reporter Said That He is Jealous Now a days from karan Patel


"Abhishek aka Aditya's Bday " U me Tv 27th January Video+WU

Written update Soon

Its Our Chocolate boy Abhishek Aka Aditya Bday 

U me Tv's Reporter on the Set of YHm and Celebarting Bday with Aditi whom You will see like Mad  in The Video

Aditi (Ruhi) is Prankstar she is Mad too Said By Adbhishek 
He said I have this Unique Bday today

Thursday, 26 January 2017

"Shagun-Ishita Blunder Nidhi Out of Jail " Saas Bahu aur Suspense 26th Jan Video+WU

Written By Rarukaru

Raman was hallucinating ruhi in jail uniform 
She said papa aapne meri care kyu nahi ki aapne apne promises kyu chod diye
Raman was crying bitterly ruhi left from there Raman shouted ruhi papa ko chodkar mat jao
Then he hallucinating ruhi childhood she called him papa
Raman sat on his knees and called her

Raman cried whole night
In morning mrs bhalla came there and hugged raman